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5 Reasons to Buy Rareform Products

5 Reasons to Buy Rareform Products

It all started with a backpacking trip in South America, seeing first-hand the versatility and durability of the old vinyl billboard being used as roofing. The uniqueness of each billboard inspired Rareform’s founders to bring something new to the market, the idea of making re-purposed and one-of-a-kind products. Since then, Rareform has been making bags, iPhone cases, travel accessories, and more. Let’s check out the reasons why you should own and love your Rareform products:


1. No one else will have the same product as you

Who wouldn’t want their own one-of-a-kind accessories? Every billboard is unique, so each Rareform product is unique, one-of-a-kind. Be it a backpack or an iPhone case, every product stands out from the rest and has a different story. So, next time you’re at the beach with your Rareform Tote Bag or Backpack, the last thing you’ll need to worry about is the person next to you having the same bag.


2. It's your chance to be kind to our planet

Every product made by Rareform is not just unique, it is also eco-friendly. Rareform re-purposes nearly 25000 kilograms per month of billboard vinyl which would otherwise go to landfill. Being stylish and unique has never been kinder to the planet! Also, the products are vegan as no animals or animal products are used making our products. Rareform is definitely a win-win for everyone.


3. We have the coolest travel accessories

Rareform is making state-of-the-art accessories which bring out the art of the raw material – re-purposed billboard vinyl. Browse our website to check out the coolest unique products you can find online. Don’t sit around waiting for the newest idea in eco-friendly accessories to come to you, shop now to find the coolest accessories for next weekend!


4. Vinyl is great! Waterproof, durable and lightweight!!

Vinyl is waterproof, durable and lightweight! Water runs right off it, it’s already been seasoned by several months hanging in the sky. Each Rareform product is then sewn to create a unique, high-quality, durable one-of-a-kind product. There's literally nothing else like it. You only need to worry about the weight of the things you carry inside it because the products are lightweight


5. Quality & Features

Rareform bags and accessories are feature rich; with soft-lined access pockets, padded laptop compartments, interior slip pockets for tablets, padded air-mesh back panels, metal zipper pulls, re-enforced carry handles, and water bottle pockets, to name just a few. Each of our cut pieces is meticulously sewn together using high-quality materials to ensure that your bag can endure whatever adventure you take it on. So, you can keep your laptop, phone, books, or whatever else you carry safely in your Rareform bag or accessory.

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