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Shop for Change, Shop from Rareform

Shop for Change, Shop from Rareform

What do you think when someone talks about making a change for our planet? Most of us think about conserving natural resources, recycling and renewing. But we have been missing out on one thing, and it is called Upcycling. It has become a way of life for people, and they are utilizing it to bring a change in the lifestyle of others. It is being infused with technology to produce zero waste products. Rareform has also picked up on the idea of upcycling to make one-of-a-kind products. In the case of Rareform, one product is redesigned and reconstructed to make new products. 


The founders of Rareform picked up this idea while backpacking through South America. The vinyl used in making billboard is durable. So, the products made out of those billboards are also great in quality and last longer. Buying upcycled products doesn’t just mean making changes for the environment, it also means that you are trying to change your lifestyle, and that is what matters the most. Now, if you are wondering what we have to offer, then keep reading this piece.


Rareform offers repurposed and upcycled bags, backpacks, wallets, wristlet, iPhone cases, and laptop sleeves. Though there is more to come, till then you can head to our website, and check out the products we currently have in stock. Below are the suggestions from our side which we think you must add to your life.


1. Tote Bags



Rareform tote bags are divided into four styles- Maya, Blake, Asana, and Cora. All the bags are one-of-a-kind, and the difference lies in the design. The bags are spacious to hold daily essentials. And the exterior of the bag is made with vinyl that is lightweight and water resistant. Another great thing about these bags is that they can be cleaned easily.


2. iPhone Cases



iPhone cases are a savior for almost everyone! At Rareform, we offer a wide range of iPhone cases. You can buy your own unique case for iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max. The cases are simple, and minimalist with sleek designs. They are co-branded by Nomad Goods.  You can buy your favorite to prevent your phone from damage at all angles.


3. Wallets



The Bi-Fold Wallets are our favorite. They are timeless and classic styles. They come with 4 card slots and have enough space to keep all your cash in one place. The interiors are lined with Nylon. And, talking about design, don’t forget, there would not be any wallet, like your wallet. So, check out the entire collection on the website.


In short, shopping from Rareform means shopping for change, and we all know that our planet needs it more now than any other time. So, head to the website, and check out our collection of accessories, right away!



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